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Most of us know how talking problems through can help to put things into perspective. It isn't always easy though to find someone you can really open up to, however well intended your friends and family may be.

I provide an opportunity for you to talk about what's troubling you knowing that you will be listened to honestly, without judgment and with empathy. Just saying out loud what's going on can be a relief. It can also help you to find out where any negative feelings are coming from and why they are there. It allows you to work out what's really bothering you and can help you to explore ways to do something about it.

My work is trauma-informed and includes a broad range of clients experiencing a wide range of issues which include but are not exclusive to: anxiety; depression; loneliness; panic attacks; fertility; stress; relationship and family issues; low self-esteem and poor confidence; self-harm and suicidal feelings. I am particularly practised in grief, having volunteered extensively for Cruse Bereavement Support.

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